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My Trip Planner gives you access to tools designed to make your Waterton trip planning experience easy, organized, and enjoyable.
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My Trip Planner is a unique online tool designed to make planning your Waterton easy, organized and interactive. Each page of our website features my trip planner. To add a particular place or activity to your itinerary, simply select that icon. Your selection will be added to your Trip Planner and will be securely stored in your account until you choose to remove it.
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To access your Trip Planner, all you need to do is log in.  You'll get immediate access to the items you've saved.  You can view them, remove them or add something new.
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You can email your plans to up to 5 people, keeping your family and friends "in the loop" and sharing your itinerary.
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You can also create a booklet of your trip itinerary. Simply name it, choose and order your pages then add a title page. Once saved, your booklet will become a pdf document and you can print your customized Waterton trip booklet.

Shared Experiences

If you had a noteable experience at one of the many Waterton area gems, you can share this experience with other visitors on mywaterton.ca. Also, you can view the experiences of others to help you plan your trip to Waterton.
Share Your Experience

Your trip to Waterton will offer many amazing experiences.  This tool allows you to share your story with others.  You can write about your story and post photos and videos for others to share.  You will also be able to read about how other travelers have experienced Waterton.  These stories might even help you with your own trip planning. 

Each Gem featured on our website offers a link to share your experience.  Simply fill out the form and click "submit".


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