Trail Finder
by Watertonn

"Legendary" is a word that many hikers use to describe their experience in Waterton Lakes National Park.  With more than 250 km (190  miles) of Rocky Mountain terrain to explore, it's no wonder.  In fact, Waterton's Crypt Lake and Carthew-Alderson trails are ranked in the top 10 Rocky Mountain hikes in Canada. Not too shabby for a park with a footprint of 505 km.

Waterton's hiking trails offer something for everyone, from thrill seekers looking for an extreme Rocky Mountain high to day hikers wanting to explore the gentler slopes that this park has to offer.

To help visitors to our park choose the hike that's best for them, we're sprucing up the MyWaterton Trail Finder tool for the 2010-11 season. When we're done, all you'll need to do is visit our site, select "Trail Finder" and you'll find:

  • a comprehensive list of every trail in Waterton Lakes National Park
  • images and videos of trails
  • updated descriptions
  • up-to-date trail conditions (in cooperation with Parks Canada)
  • hiker reviews
  • user-generated rating for each hike

You'll also find a place to tell us about your Waterton hiking adventures and upload your own videos and photos of the days you've spent on our trails.  Be sure to check it all out on mywaterton.ca.


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